Posted on March 12, 2007


I had to catch a cold – shaking at night, having my eyes shut down on me at while working, having my body being overtaken by muscle ache – to realize how much I have going for me. Life is cool, although it sucks – it’s mean, it’s sadistic and perhaps even vicious. But this is why life is cool! Because it’s unpredictable. Maybe it is all about the chase. Chasing something – always chasing something. If you’re not chasing something, you’re slowing down. The moment you slow down, you start paying attention to little details, think a lot about “why am I running”, get into existential issues and, in the end, enter into a “phicolophical” state where you feel like you’re living in a “system of illusions”.  What good does it do? Enjoy the ride. I plan to – after this bitchy ass cold lets go of me.

“The benefits of the journey far outweigh the risk of leaving the harbor”

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