Posted on March 14, 2007


Nasal Congestion – present state.

Traffic congestion – daily state.

Thought congestion – too often of a state.

So many thoughts, and not enough processing power to handle them. There’s a lot of room for thoughts to come in, there’s a bunch of receptors sending prime material for thoughts, there’s a lot of asimilation of information into end-thoughts, but then, with all the different thoughts, congestion is inevitable. A bottleneck for thoughts. It seems to be clearing up, but it’s still delicate – a few new ones and the bottleneck might get clogged again.

Maybe I should use something to clear up the bottleneck, like they do for draining systems when they get clogged. Clear up all the thoughts, and start with a fresh plate. Do I want that? And even if I did, is it possible?

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