search v. build

Posted on March 29, 2007


I just saw this great quote on my friend’s IM – “Life is not about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself”.  Brilliant! And so true!

We are the creation of our experiences. We are the direct result of our past. What we’ve done in the past defines what we’ll do in the future. The energy we have from the past fuels what we’ll do in the future.

With every experience, every tear, every laughter, every kick in the ass, you create yourself! You do have a “core”, but that’s the foundation of the house. But it’s the storms and hot days that define how big the windows are, how much heat we let in, how much cool air we let out, how closed we keep ourselves, and so on. If you create too big windows and a cool air comes in, you risk freezing. If the windows are too small, the house becomes too cool. So you have to build brick by brick, face some winters, face some summers, and then actually finish the house. Know the environment before you adapt. An iglo won’t help on the equator, and a strawhouse won’t protect you on the North Pole.

A few winters and a few summers have passed. I want the room with the view!

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