finally… some direction

Posted on May 3, 2007


Things are finally, for the first time in ages, starting to become a bit clearer. For the first time, I have a 7 month plan set up. I know, it’s not quite the sort of resolution I was looking for, but at least it’s something. I can make plans for November – and what plans they are, quite incredible. The adventure of a lifetime awaits me. The places, the people, the experiences – I can hardly wait.

I realized now is the time to do things I will never be able to do afterwards. Now is the time to take advantage of my lack of responsibilities. Look at my independence as an opportunity, not a cause for loneliness. Ignore the negativism, and enjoy the full half of the glass. Enjoying this full half of the glass, enjoying my independence; this will probably give me the confidence I will need to give it up. A time to find myself. A time to kill my demons. A time to tackle them head-on and see what they’re really made out of. Life is coming at me fast, and I’m welcoming it!

 Long live Cathay Pacific!!! Or whatever the airline might be! Hello world – here I come!

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