dear Generali PPF – owner of RAI Asigurari

Posted on March 16, 2010


Just a quick update – I have sent a letter the the Generali PPF group, the owner of RAI Insurance, the company I am fighting with:

To the management of Generali PPF,

I am writing because of my deep dissatisfaction with the services one of your companies in Romania has provided for me this year. Not only did the company not fulfill its contractual obligations, but it actually jeopardized my health by refusing to cover urgent medical expenses during the time I was insured by this company.

The situation is quite simple: I was in Austria, covered by an extreme sports policy issued by Roumanie Assurance International (RAI). I had a skiing accident, and when the doctor in the Austrian hospital told me I needed an urgent surgery on my left hand, the RAI representative in Bucharest (they do not have any representatives in Austria!!!) informed me they do not cover my operation, and will repatriate me, as they do not believe it’s an emergency based on the faxes and medical information they received via fax (!!!), in spite of clear communication from the doctor at the hospital (the communication has been documented with faxes between the hospital and the insurer). I obviously refused to let the insurer jeopardize my health and risk my mobility, so I decided to pay for the operation myself and pursue the recovery of the amounts with the insurance company. Unfortunately, upon my return, we could not manage to find a solution via discussions, so we will solve this problem in court, as I intend to take this as far as necessary.

Why am I writing this email: because I want to draw your attention to the lack of professionalism the management team of RAI Insurance in Romania had with me. They have been inconsistent, unprofessional and at best arrogant. And they certainly have not given me the customer attention I, or any customer, deserves.

I have already brought this case into the Romania media, and plan on continuing pursuing my cause by all means, if not for recovering my losses, at least trying to prevent others from being exposed to serious health risks because of the incompetence and implicit malice of the RAI team. Secondly, I would also like to make sure you are aware of the services this company is offering, and the image they are creating for the entire Generali group in Romania.