Looking cool – fantastic article

Posted on March 25, 2010


A hilarious analysis in “The Onion” about looking cool. This applies even more in Romania, where a bigger portion of GDP is spent on looking cool – “smecher” 🙂

A few excerpts:

“Looking cool, which the report defines as “the outward projection of an appealing and often enviable image of oneself that others perceive as requiring little to no effort,” appears to be a nationwide obsession.”

“”It’s pretty much an epidemic at this point,” the 52-year-old professor added before pausing momentarily to adjust a small gold earring in his freshly pierced earlobe.”

“According to the report, researchers have isolated a previously unknown personality trait called “getting it,” a variable that, while not completely understood, seems to be essential to the achievement of coolness.

“Those who we found ‘get it,’ or who we determined ‘know the score,’ succeeded nearly three times as often at looking cool as those who did not,” Gerhardt said. “Unfortunately, regardless of how much money Americans spend in desperate attempts to look cool, we concluded that nearly three-quarters of the populations falls into the category of ‘lame-os’ or ‘total lame-os.'”

The entire article can be read on “The Onion website” – I recommend it