reverse osmosis in humans – evolution the Ryanair way

Posted on April 7, 2010


This is a bit ridiculous. And, my guess, it won’t fly (pun intended). What happens if you actually have no cash with you, you’re flying a 2.5 hour flight, and you’re stuck on the runway due to traffic? You can’t even use the bottles in your carry-on, as they have a 100 ml volume limit. Poor bastards!

“Ryanair is taking no-frills flights to new heights – by charging for lavatories.

All onboard toilets will become coin-operated, forcing passengers to pay £1 or one euro.
The Irish airline is also cutting the number of loos, meaning there may be only one on planes carrying 189 passengers.
It already charges customers to check in luggage, for online check-in, for onboard snacks and for credit card payments.
Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said: ‘By charging for the toilets we are hoping to change passenger behaviour so that they use the bathroom before or after the flight.
‘That will enable us to remove two out of three of the toilets and make way for at least six extra seats.’ “

The full article I read on the Daily Mail Online

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