Cluj and rock music – it’s in the street lighting!

Posted on February 23, 2011


I just came back from playing football with my friends. As we were playing, we noticed the street lights started to act weird, turning on and off repeatedly. It was funny, but then we were playing more, so we ignored it.

However, as I drove back, the lights kept acting wierd along the way, so I decided to film it, as it’s quite an interesting event. Either some guy at the lights HQ was drunk, either they were using the lights to turn the highway into an ad-hoc landing strip, or it was a psychological experiment 🙂
I added some soundtrack – the song that was playing on Rock FM – and it was quite an interesting match. Enjoy the video and the music – beware, my radar detector was on, so there’ll be some annoying beeps every now and then – most at the beginning of the video.