Boeing – bigger, better, the same(?)

Posted on March 21, 2011


Back to one of my passions – aviation. Well, a few weeks ago Boeing launched the 747-8, its response to the A380. And yesterday, it had its maiden flight – see the story (with video and lots of pictures) at here

It wasn’t really a response, rather than a reaction. OK, Airbus now has the biggest aircraft in the world, and Boeing doesn’t want to go in that race. However, they took their biggest plane, the 747-400, and made it a bit bigger. Moreover, they took some of the elements from the “Dreamliner”(the 787) and made the “Jumbo” more efficient (i.e. more efficient engines, composite elements in the fuselage, somewhat better aerodynamics).
And to prove they don’t care about racing for the biggest plane in the world, they started bragging about “the longest passenger aircraft in the world”.

From my perspective, as someone who wants to see novelty in the industry, it’s a disappointment. It’s the same type of evolution that we saw from the first 747-100 to the 200, 300 and the 400 series.

However, as someone passionate about anything civil aviation-related, I’m excited. It is a new name in the sky, although it’s a small variation from the old one – no matter what the Boeing CEO says about this being a “completely new plane”. And I can’t wait to go into an airport and identify the differences between the 747-400 and the -8.

In terms of my aviation excite-o-meter though, I don’t think i’ll buy a 747-8 model plane, my existing 747-400 still does the trick for my aviation shelf.

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