Android – versus Outlook (?)

Posted on October 12, 2011


I caved! I finally got a proper smartphone. After many years of resistance, I decided to start using my fingers in a cool fashion to make calls and write text. Yes, I upgraded to Smartphone 2.0. Of course, I need to stay iFree, so I went for an Android phone (unfortunately, Windows Mobile is not really an alternative yet) and eventually got the HTC phone.

So, I now have a phone. A cool one. Touchscreen. Slick. Aluminum casing. Tons of apps. I can measure distances. I can pretend to drink beer (yes, the iBeer is there). I can prepare a pushup schedule to get to doing 100 pushups. I can place it on the car dashboard and have GPS with Google maps (slight problem when you’re driving abroad and haven’t downloaded the maps for the country you’re visiting in advance…data roaming is expensive). I can play ‘memory trainer’. I can have apps giving me taxi numbers. I can use the phone to identify the song on the radio. What a phone.

Just two “minor” setbacks:

1. This phone cannot sync tasks and notes with Outlook. And more than that, there’ s no proper task manager app. One I can add reminders, snooze, dismiss, etc. I found some app I thought would help, and I ended up with duplicate contact records and with all the facebook events (birthdays and all events I am invited to) on my Outlook and phone. Not good… I am so nostalgic of my previous Nokia phone…or my BBerry, or my Motorola, or Sony Ericsson, of pretty much every phone I had since 2004!!!

2. Even the stuff it syncs, it only syncs via the USB cable. This phone does not sync via Bluetooth. OK, maybe the phone does, the HTC Sync app does not!!!


Overall, a gret gadget. Fun, practical, useful. But if you want productivity, and you’re used to the Microsoft world (and no, there’s no better alternative yet!) this does not help. So I’m back to my paper agenda, writing down the things I need to do daily. Back to the roots.

Thank you Google for the Android, but for now, I am sticking to my previous favorite Android:


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