Back to basics: airplanes

Posted on July 24, 2012


I’ll put away politics and all the shit I’ve been writing about recently, and post about the really important things: airplanes!


For a while now, I’ve been eyeing some planes that were missing from my collection (especially Russian planes), and I finally ordered a new batch of planes, some of which I’ve been looking for a long time now. Here’s the list;

1. Volga Dnepr Ilyushin IL-76 1:200 !!!

2. Tupolev TU-154M 1:200 – Cubana livery – !!!

3.Lockheed Martin L-1011 1:200, ATA livery, exactly the one I flew back in 1999 to Hawaii!

4. Hercules C-130 1:200 scale,  USAF livery!

Just wanted to share the news, I’m very excited. As soon as I get the planes, I’ll post pictures in the model planes section.

Happy Tuesday!

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