so what do you do? A-ha moment of the month

Posted on October 19, 2014


“I am an engineer”. “I am a developer”. Lawyer. Gardener. Interior designer.

That’s how most people answer when asked the “what do you do” question. Not me. I always had a problem when friends asked me what I did. I am always doing lots of things, business, management, NGO, help people, climb mountains (little ones, true), waste time, procrastinate, travel, etc. For me it was always an answer like: “well, lots of things”.

A week ago. Copenhagen. A cultural centre three train stops south of the Central Rail Station. A little run down entrance. Scandinavian glory meets present negligence. A place that normally doesn’t inspire much. I overhear a discussion in which a girl says how she finances the diamond trade. Of course, “Blood diamond” comes to mind. Leo’s great role. Dying African children. Morality and all. I jump in the discussion. But instead of going on about the way the girl sleeps at night knowing she’s financing blood diamonds, I get asked: “And what do you do?”. I look around these awesome people. I think for a second, and it comes out. Naturally. All the truth of the world, all of my life synthesized in a few simple words in Romanian:
“Fac tot ce pot ca sa lucrez cu oameni faini”.
Means “I do all I can to work with faini people”. “Faini” is a very Transylvanian term. Moderate awesomeness. Genuine. Authentic. Fun. “Faini”. Yes, my “A-ha” moment. I found the commom thread. And I am happy where I am right now, I am surrounded by really “faini” people. thank you, you “faini” ones.

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