I adore airplanes. Airports. I love traveling. I could stay in airports for hours just watching planes land and take-off. Watching maneuvres, final approaches, planes being taxied towards their runway, people running all over the place – it is an amazing environment.

As to the human aspect of airports, “Love actually” (The British cheesy hilarious great romantic comedy) described it perfectly when showing why airports are such a place of human emotion – tears of sorrow when someone leaves, tears of happiness when someone returns, people waiting anxiously for someone to arrive, people standing there lost after someone dear to them just departed. If a tool for measuring feelings and emotions existed, an “emotiograph”, I’m sure the highest reading would be in hospitals and airports…

But back to the techological part – I love airplanes. I love reading about Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic etc…

Some details:
– see my flight statistics
– see my model planes

And to close this presentation, enjoy a classic Monty Python sketch about airplanes:

2 Responses “Aviation” →
  1. Reading you “testimonial” about how you’re feeling towards airplanes, I almost think I would like to be in an airplane again. Almost…

  2. daca n-ai incercat pana acum, iti recomand si parapanta si moto-deltaplanul – iti vor redefini ideea de a zbura 🙂


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